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A Deeper Look into Ayurveda and Healing for Modern Living
14th MAY Tuesday
630-830 pm

The Raju Family are internationally renowned leading experts in authentic Ayurveda (the science of health and longevity).

Practicing for over 13 generations, their speciality is a most refined, accurate and comprehensive patient evaluation through Pulse Diagnosis. They also specialise in creating very effective and individualised treatments using precise knowledge and application of rare and powerful herbal formulas.

Vaidya Krishna Raju is the director and head doctor at his family clinic in Hyderabad, India, where they treat thousands of people who travel from all over the world for their expert treatment and advice for everything from prevention to the seemingly incurable.

Vaidya Padma Raju is the 'Mother' of the Raju Health Center in India. She is an expert in herbology, gynecology, pediatrics, nutrition and prepares a lot of the special herbal formulas.

We are super excited that Padma will be administering the Banana Purification for ladies in Australia this year + hosting intimate workshops.

For those wanting time with Vaidya Padma, join her intimate workshops on Ayurvedic Cooking and Sacred Women's Health



Sydney: May 3rd - 9th

Newcastle: May 8th

Melbourne: May 9th - May 13th

Adelaide: May 13th.

Woolgoolga: May 14th-17

Join us at Tranquilo Beach House or as most of you know it Marlowe House

Tuesday MAY 14  630pm-830


What to Expect in a Private Health Session

Pulse diagnosis, a healing art and science, is employed to detect where any imbalance exists and its root cause.

The Vaidya (Ayurvedic physician) assesses the state of your heart, mind and senses and how coordinated they are with one another. Plus MUCH more is revealed to the Vaidya during this intimately communicative method.

The Value of Pulse Diagnosis

This is valuable for those who desire a deeper insight into what is going on in their body and mind.

Pulse diagnosis can reveal the underlying cause of disease for those with niggling health issues or that are poorly responding to treatments.

It may also detect imbalances before they manifest into disease, acting as a vital tool for prevention and maintenance of optimum health and vitality.

Accordingly, Vaidya Raju will recommend an appropriate diet, lifestyle and herbal program.

Included in your private health session, one of the Vital Veda staff will sit down with you to further explain, elaborate and clarify Vaidya Raju's recommendations and answer further questions.

Things to Know for Your Consultation

Woolgoolga (Coffs Habour):

Approx. May 15-17 - Booking via email only.


  • A donation of $120 for each private health session must be paid in ‘Cash Only’ to the reception before your session.

  • A donation of $180 for a private health session with Vaidya Padma must be paid in ‘Cash Only’ to the reception before your session.

  • Personal Health Sessions are 15 minutes long.

  • Cash is the preferred method of payment for herbal remedies, but direct deposit via electronic banking or credit card options are available for herbal remedies only. There is a 1.5% fee on credit card transactions.

All proceeds are donated to a nonprofit corporation to help build a new Panchakarma project in a rural part of Hyderabad, India.

No one will be turned away for financial reasons so donations can be made according to financial ability, at your discretion. To apply for this, contact Jesica: / 0405 488 807

Due to limited spaces bookings must be made in advance.

Come to the Personal Health Session on an empty stomach

  • For an accurate pulse diagnosis, you will need to have an empty stomach.

  • No food should be consumed 4-5 hours before your session.

  • Caffeine must be avoided on the day of your Private Health Session.

Bring medical tests if necessary - This includes, blood tests, urine tests, scans, reports etc. The Vaidya may ask to see them so if you have recent tests, bring them along with you.

Women on their menstrual cycle should not see the Vaidya. Rather you are blessed to receive the Banana Purification.


Why only 15 minutes with the Vaidya?

Vaidya Raju can accurately and comprehensively conduct patient evaluation and diagnosis just by feeling the pulse usually for less than 1 minute. This will mostly give the Vaidya more information that tests, scans, hours of questioning and other diagnostic methods can provide.
If you want more time with the Vaidya, please book in two sessions.

Can children see the Vaidya?

Of course!

For ladies who want to do Banana Purification + have a Personal Health Session (Recommended):

  • Sydney - have your private health session on a day you are not doing Banana Purification. e.g. Banana Purification on Fri, Sat, Sun and Private Session on Monday. or Banana Purification on Mon, Tue, Wed and Private Health Session on the weekend.

  • Melbourne - have your private health session on Friday, and do Banana Purification Sat, Sun, Mon.

This differs according to your schedule and if you are menstruation at this time.

Act on this valuable and unique opportunity to have a private health session with one of the worlds most respected and renowned Ayurvedic Physicians.

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